Tushar K Shukla

"Give me a diseased beseeched deceased bad rung mutilated infuriated expelled life so that I die a peaceful death." The overpowering narrative comprises of many small stories of characters seated in deep pangs of disorientation, frustration, restlessness, helplessness, wretchedness, nauseated longings, ...People that were not always like that before in their lives, they had a happy naïve past, where they were ready to be culpable for whatever small gullible crime transgression misdemeanor they indulged in. the troubled drug czar who is taking the drug war at the frontiers head on with traffickers from all parts of the border but who cant fight the personal battle in his small family where his daughter is lost in the quagmire of the drug world and is sinking further deep into the filth every passing day and he can't really do much about that. With a deranged wife, a disillusioned daughter and a hostile world around, he doesn't have much to choose from. A cop from Mexico who betrays his own land, his people but ends up losing every thing that he once was proud to own and call his own. A middle aged wife, mother of two, who never thought of anything beyond linen brassieres and breast implants, now has bigger issues to handle in her life, which involve the lives of her imprisoned convicted husband who runs an underground drug racket and her 8 year old kids who has the sword hanging loose on his head of a threatened kidnap and abduction.