Bangalore Film Society

The Terminal[]

Tushar K Shukla

Why are you accused with the crimes you never committed? And made you lead a life you never deserved. The terminal depicts this telling tale of a man lost of his own nationality and dispossessed of his identity. He is completely unacceptable to anywhere in the world, no one will take him, not even his own country. As Krakozhia is under some serious coup d'etat, it wont be soon when he gets a new nationality and till that point of time, he belongs nowhere. He is not wanted anywhere, he doesn't have a job or claim to living. The money that he has is no good anymore. He can't claim a security, can't get no job. Could life be any harsher with him? But as they say, life moves on, he adjusts to the vagaries and keeps pushing away the walls closing in on him every passing day including the officials at the airport who would anything to make life tougher for him.

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