Bangalore Film Society

The Royal Tennenbaums

Tushar k Shukla

This movie apart from being a cult classic by Wes Anderson and many other things, made me crack up like nothing else did before. I was in splits on hearing the one liners, written so aptly clever in grammar and wit, they blow you away.

It is the baap of all messed-up-family sagas. Forget The Osbournes, welcome The Tennenbaums. Alec Baldwin is the narrator here. The movie, apart from all its humorous overtones, touches you at some emotional level which makes you identify with the strangest of characters which might look exaggerated but extrapolated realizations of people we bump into all around us.

This is a must see for all the lovers of COOL in cinema. You can't miss the brilliant casting and the strangely intriguing but involving characters. Though I never like Luke or Owen Wilson, and I hate Ben Stiller, I simply could not have hated them in this one. They have to be seen to be believed, and you have the usual suspect Bill Murray as the quintessential confused old man in love. For me, the revelation of the movie has to be Luke Wilson and PAGODA!!(you may remember him- the funny Kumar Pallana from The Terminal(Gupta)). He is a regular Anderson feature, but is simply hilarious in his mechanized responses in this one. Don't miss the scene where he stabs Hackman with a fake knife.

Another scene where I cracked up big time was the embarrassing finale of Luke where he is simply outrageously weird. Talking about weirdness, Gwyneth scores (!) in a stoned avatar too. And check out Danny Glover as the archaic archeologist. I can go on talking about the movie, but I guess that's what it does to you. Everything from music to casting to timing is just too perfect to be true in this one. Not to be missed.