Bangalore Film Society

If anything, one can state without any doubt that Bollywood knows its trailers. Even if there is a slight pilfering and overkill of the M:I soundtrack, the trailer is an art well versed. From a trailer point of view, it was easy to get excited about 'Pyaar Ke..' While it seemed like the bastard child of Jhankaar Beats (which is not necessarily a bad thing), it had an interesting casting coup, a couple of laughs and appealing music.

But all that baggage of the 'first impression' is absolutely discredited once you're in the cinema and the movie begins to roll. Pretty soon you become aware that what plays in front of you is an Indianised sanitized sitcomized predictable-to-a-fault smorgasbord of 'Mallrats', 'High Fidelity' and 'Meet The Parents'. For originality, all you have is a 'Delhi girl v/s Mumbai guy' riff. Now Kevin Smith didn't think of that, did he?

Also, newbie director Saket Chowdhary can't seem to hit the right notes. While most of the comedy is breezy, it's when he tries to bring in the maudlin that the movie loses all steam. It has about all the emotional resonance of that 'Friends' episode where Ross's monkey goes back to Africa-something.

For the only high point, there's Ranvir Sheroy who's become quite adept as the scene-stealer. After giving what is, IMHO, the finest male performance of the year with 'Mixed Doubles' he turns up in a few scenes as Rahul Bose's slacker buddy and delivers the movie's best moments.

But no way is that stop me from writing that:-

'Pyaar ke Side Effects' may include nausea.