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Present Continuous....[]

Bangalore Film Society is proud to present the first edition of "Present Continuous..." a new BFS program which aims to bring before you the best in documentary film-making from around the world.

Friday 31st March 2006 Time: 6.30 pm

BORN INTO BROTHELS Dir: Zana Briski & Ross Kauffman

Two documentary filmmakers chronicle their time in Sonagachi,Calcutta and the relationships they developed with children of women in prostitution who work the city's red light area. This film is a chronicle of filmmakers Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman's efforts to look at the world of Calcutta's red light area partly through photographs taken by children living in the area. The film focuses on the children who are born in the brothels and live their entire lives within the damp and dismal walls of Sonagachi area in Calcutta. Winner of Oscar for Best Documentary, 2005 and 33 other international awards. (Re-screened by popular demand)

Saturday 1st April 2006 Time: 6.30 pm

WAY BACK HOME Dir: Supriyo Sen

Filmmaker Supriyo Sen narrates the story of his parents who had to migrate from their small-town in East Bengal, present day Bangladesh, to Calcutta (India) after partition of India in 1947. After 50 years Sen takes both of them on an emotional journey back to their place of birth. During the course of it, they talk about their home, their neighbors, their flight and their new life in independent India. In this connection, both of them reveal that they have physically adjusted their life in Calcutta, yet they remained mentally attached to their `Desh'. The film is, on the one hand, a remarkable document of modern India's history because Sen questions also the rationality of India` partition. Winner of the Golden Conch at the Mumbai Int'l Film Fest and the 2003 BBC Audience Award for best documentary at Manchester's Commonwealth Film Festival.

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