Bangalore Film Society

Passion of the Christ[]

Tushar K Shukla

Passion evokes a strange feeling of hollowness/emptiness inside the body and the heart. A feeling where the mind is sucked of all its compassion, love and humility.A height or enormity of emotions where they become so powerful potent and commanding that they reach anonymity, an obscurity, a complete paucity or nihilism.A hypothetical paradigm where all thought melts down to life and death, in fact not even that makes a difference.The atrocities that fell upon Jesus are shown in broad daylights that scare and appeal to the crudest stolid firm unyielding stiff stonehearted living cells. The pain reaches its peak and gathers such enormity that you lose the sense of degree of the severity privation hardship and destitution. The passion is what keeps you alive and glued without the slightest deviation divergence digression of the outer world. A factual frame by frame account of the grueling pain and the worst form of punishment ever which may well be called the greatest sacrifice ever where one single man bears the burden of all sin in the world on his petty broken hurt mutilated shoulders. The persecutor and the persecuted make no difference anymore. Everything looks as if it was bound to happen. There is no running from the consequences. The process is prolonged though.

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Passion of the Christ - Theatrical Trailer