Bangalore Film Society

Office Space(1999)[]

Directed by: Mike Judge

Cast: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, David Herman, Ajay Naidu & Gary Cole

Sleek cinema, street smart people, slice of milder life rather milder slice of life, feel-good, comic adaptation, a story about you and me and the people we know whose lives, though not dramatically exceptional or interesting, amuses cus’ still life can be made look amusing if seen from select angles. And that is what Office Space does, and pretty successfully so. You might question the exaggerated banality of the nature of jobs shown in here, but remember, it has to be comic and yet close to us. The quintessential nagging PITA boss, the eternally pissed co-worker, the apple-of-everyone’s’-eye-chic hovering around and inspiring you to live and take the trash everyday with/without complaining. What might look like an unexceptional or likely obvious plot entertains surprisingly, with its witty characters and tightly kept plot. Some scenes that are silly but hilarious are the ones involving the psychotic man in the office, the eternally dysfunctional printer and the love and hate relationship that everyone in the office shares with it, the annoying boss, and the amusing Indian guy. In one of the people onscreen, you will find yourself uncomfortably fitted in the setting of a banal office life, and this relatable factor makes it easily consumable by all the worker bees around the world. Recommended.

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