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Saugata Das

The whole movie can be summarised in the following manner:

The good good Israelis were hurt when some of the members in their Olympic team were killed by the bad bad Palestinians in 1972. No one in the whole wide world came to help the good good Israelis. So the good good Israelis decided to kill some bad bad guys whose connection to the massacre was far from proven. Nonetheless, the good good Israelis killed them and sometimes even their family( you really cant blame the good guys... they tried hard not to.. they really did ). Its not that the good good Israelis did not feel bad about it. However, they took the "white man's burden" lightly, and killed some more. In the process, they lost one or two of their colleagues. That was bad. The good good guys felt bad about it even when they were screwing. It was that bad.

After watching this movie I have a few questions for Mr. Spielberg,

Since you are dealing with a terrorist attack, that too from the midlle east, shouldn't the movie be a little more analytical in its study? e.g:- You are dealing with what the Israelis did. I am interested in knowing the first part- what did the plaestinians do?

More importantly, why did the Palestinians commit such an act? I would like to know what happened to the Palestinians in the ghettos? Why would some guys suddenly think of killing Israelis? How can your characters be in black and white? Shouldn't they be grey? Especially in such a shady area as middle east?

You have dealt about all this in just a few dialogues. Is it fair to the issue you are trying to deal with?

I believe the movie was nothing but a glorification of the violence that Israel and US promotes.