Bangalore Film Society

Festival of short films in French with subtitles in English

Dates : 23-27 May
Venue : Auditorium, AFB (Alliance Francaise Bangalore)
        Alliance Française de Bangalore (Indo-French Cultural Centre)
        No. 108, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanthnagar
        Bangalore - 560052
        Tel. : (00 91 80) 51231340 / 51231344 / 51231345 / 51231346 / 51231348 
Entry Free

For seven years, The Lutins Festival has stood for the dissemination of the short film and encourage us to discover the new generation of young film makers, actors and technicians who make up the cinema of tomorrow. They were instrumental in the emergence of François Ozon, Ludivine Sagnier, Sylvie testud and many others.

Here we present a large variety of fiction and animation films that are amazing, touching or funny and considered, by professional of cinema, to be the best short films of 2004.

All the films will be screened in the Alliance Française auditorium at the following timings


Collection 1 Tuesday, 23rd May (3.00 - 6.00 pm)

Friday, 26th May (6.00 - 9.00 pm)

Collection 2 Wednesday, 24th May (3.00pm - 6.00p.m)

Saturday, 27th May (10.00 am - 1.00 pm)

Collection 3 Thursday, 25th May (3.00 - 6.00p.m.)

Saturday, 27th May (3.00 - 6.00 pm)

Collection 1 on 23rd May & 26th May[]

Tuesday, 23rd May (3.00 - 6.00 pm) & Friday, 26th May (6.00 - 9.00 pm)

Movie Direction Duration Synopsis

[Black Seeds]

Nicolas BIRKENSTOCK 30 min Eddie works at the Lost & Found office. One day, he comes upon a purse belonging to Marion, a woman he has never met but knows everything about.

[One Fine Morning]

Serge AVEDIKIAN 12 min 20 sec A student and a photographer accept without much reticence, to sacrifice their domestic animals which no longer fit the standards set by the state. However, these new standards soon reach beyond cats and dogs.

[The Corridor]

Jean-Loup FELICIOLI & Alain GAGNOL 17 min A young couple finds themselves in a very serious financial predicament. The man is jobless and spends his days wandering through the streets with hardly enough in his pockets to buy a little something to eat.


Olivier KLEIN 20 min Young Degol is an Indian illegal immigrant in Paris. He is arrested, and being deported from France... but nothing is sad in Indian musicals.

[From Under My Bed]

Jihane CHOUAIB 44 min Mira, disobeying her parents, stays home alone for the first time during school break. She thinks herself strong and self-reliant, but will be proved wrong when fear comes upon her.

[The Time of Cherries]

Jean-Julien CHERVIER 15 min 30 sec A 75-year-old man and woman meet through the personals to attend a demonstration together. But the demonstration soon turns into one of desire.

[Nicole & Daniel]

David FAUCHE 22 min 40 sec We don't agree anymore ou bien it's not working anymore let's stop right now before it gets any worse let's drive back to Cayeux. It's where we first met and this is where we are going to have it over and done once and for all!

[On The Other Side]

Nassim AMAOUCHE 29 min Samir is a young lawyer about thirty years old. Issues of a working middle class, he tested the need little by little to cut the bridges with his family and his close relations. Going back home, he will have to face their glances.

Collection 2 on 24th May & 27th May[]

Wednesday, 24th May (3.00pm - 6.00p.m) & Saturday, 27th May (10.00 am - 1.00 pm)

Movie Direction Duration Synopsis

[A Woman Alone]

Brahim FRITAH 23 min 40 sec This film is based on the story of Akosse Legba, a thirty-two year old Togolese woman. She has been victim of modern slavery, in France.

[The Headless Sailor]

Lorenzo RECIO 19 min Alonso Samoza is a sailor who falls in love with two twin sisters. But, to be able to marry one, Maria, he has first to kill the other one, Rebecca.

[Painting the Town Red]

Marie HELIA 37 min Brest, on a Saturday afternoon. Céline and Katia are seeking adventure. They find it in the toilets of a bar. Among the graffiti on the walls, Céline notices the words *All women have the right to love*, followed a phone number. Who are you to tell me I deserve love? Just make a phone call and get ready for a wild time.


Gilles CUVELIER 12 min During the Carnival, a «carnavaleux» wanders alone in the streets. Nobody is here, the town is empty. When he arrives on the beach, the noise of the Carnival like songs and music, seem to come from the sea.
KITCHEN Alice WINOCOUR 14 min 30 sec A woman, her husband, and two lobsters. A recipe that turns sour.
LE RÉGULATEUR Philippe GRAMMATICOPOULOS 15 min 30 sec A couple adopt a child, built with many different pieces, but the choice of the pieces is so huge that the child will not be as perfect as he should be.


Olivier Robinet DE PLAS 26 min Benoît and Florence, a couple in their 30's, have rented a house in the French countryside with another couple. Benoît starts talking about swinging just for fun.
CÉLESTE Valérie GAUDISSART 43 min In Celeste's belly, sources simmer gently. Chiseled into the stone of her stubbornness, her secret deepens. Yet the day comes when spring's grasses grow greener and the time will be ripe for the grandest of games!

Collection 3 on 25th May & 27th May[]

Thursday, 25th May (3.00 - 6.00p.m.) & Saturday, 27th May (3.00 - 6.00 pm)

Movie Direction Duration Synopsis
L'ENTREPRISE [THE COMPANY] Philippe FONTANA 21 min Two business executives participate in a training internship meant to help develop their fighting spirit in the workplace.
LA RÉVOLUTION DES CRABES [The Crab Revolution] Arthur DE PINS 5 min No one is aware of the tragedy that has pervaded us for the last one hundred an twenty million years. We are the Pachygrapsus Mormatus, commonly known as "depressed crabs".
ROSA Blandine LENOIR 23 min The Ups and Downs of a young mother looking desperately for a nurse.
LA PEUR, PETIT CHASSEUR [The Fear, Little Hunter] Laurent ACHARD 9 min A house in the country, on a November day. A child is waiting quietly in a corner of the garden.
PETIT MATIN [The Early Hours] Sébastien LOUIS 48 min It's summer, the south, an abandoned house. The friendship between two young women grows closer over the course of that day.
AFTER SHAVE - BEYROUTH APRÈS-RASAGE [After Shave - Beirut after shave] Hany TAMBA 27 min Abou Milad is an old barber who has lost his salon during the Lebanese civil war. Nowadays, he makes a living as an itinerant barber in popular cafés in Beirut. One day, Mr. Raymond, an old and rich man cloistered for years in his house, asks Abou Milad for shaving.
AVALER DES COULEUVRES [Swallowing Lies] Dominique PERRIER 34 min Kate, a young woman, somewhat of a magician and witch rolled into one, goes off to make a film whilst her husband and daughter take a holiday in the country. She finally finds her way and her independence through the encounters she provokes for her documentary.
STRICTETERNUM Didier FONTAN 8 min A small suburban pavilion lost in the middle of nowhere, a car trapped by the snow, all this to the great despair of a couple who kills their time in front of a television. And this strange feeling of *déjà-vu*. Better hang on tight there could be a big turnover!
IMAGO Cédric BABOUCHE 12 min Antoine, 8 year old, has lost his father in an air crash. Incompetent to accept his death, he will finally revive and accept this loss through a metaphorical dream.