Bangalore Film Society

JUNE 7, 2007

SESSION 1: 2.00pm to 4.00pm

OPENING FILM:- Film: 1000 Days and a Dream Dir: P. Baburaj and C. Saratchandran Dur: 77 minutes An affecting human document that captures four years of courage, resilience, joys and sorrows as a small community in Plachimada District, Kerala dares to go up against global conglomerate that threatens to destroy their fresh water sources. Directors P. Baburaj and C. Saratchandran, veteran artists of the Indian Documentary scene will be present at the screening along with activists from Plachimada for a question and answer session after the screening.

Film: Zone of initial dilution Dir: Antoine Boutet Dur: 30 minutes Acclaimed and feted at the most prestigious documentary film festival across the globe, Zone of initial dilution is a chronicle of the dilemma of progress and urban sprawl that documents the change in the landscape effected by the construction of the Three Rivers Dam in China.

Film: ‘International Water and Film Event’ Spots Pro: International Water and Film Event Dur: 5mins40secs A collection of public awareness spots from across the globe that won acclaim and awards at the ‘International Water and Film Event 2006’, Mexico.

SESSION 2: 4.15pm to 5.50pm

Film: Ganashatru Dir: Satyajit Ray Dur: 93mins Ray’s scathing film on greed, corruption and pollution, Ganashatru is set in small town Bengal where Dr. Ashoke Gupta (Soumitra Chatterjee) is the head of a town hospital. Gupta's younger brother, Nisith (Dhritiman Chatterjee), is the head of the committee running the hospital and a temple, both built by a local Industrialist. When Dr. Gupta is convinced that the holy water of the temple is causing an epidemic in the town, the industrialist and other town officials reject his view and refuse to close the temple to carry out the repairs.

SESSION 3: 6.15pm

INVOCATION FILM: Window Facing the Sun Dir: Bijan Zamanpira Dur: 12 Mins A carnival shadow-play of prayers, ceremonies, the land and the clouds as a desert community in Iran beseeches the clouds to rain water and life down upon their scorching land. A triumphant, poetic invocation of the source of life weaved with simple strokes that make Iranian cinema so poignant, so powerful.

INAUGURATION By Nandita Das, Girish Karnad and Rohini Nilekani

IMAUGURAL FILM:- We Corner People Dir: Kesang Tseten Dur: 50mins Adjudged the Best Documentary at the 2006 Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, ‘We Corner People’ offers a intimate glimpse into the life and complexities of the inhabitants of a remote Tamang village who are at the mercy of poverty, an indifferent government and an angry river when they are given the chance for a better life in the form of a suspension bridge. Director and iconoclast, Kesang Tseten will be present at the film screening and participate in a question and answer session.