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BLUFFMASTER! True romance relived, Bollywood Ishtyle[]

Tushar K shukla

Mumbai...cut to the size of the silver screen, an assortment of picture postcard shots, a lively score, and an able characterization is what makes this one of the most outstanding products this year. Oh ya, I know you are gonna say I missed the story. But frankly dear, I don't give a damn! All I know is that when I go see a movie, I should see the effort and the mindset and vision of the director right there on the huge screen in front of me, nothing else matters. From the first frame to the last, the movie exudes style, and not self-righteous style, an ingrained effortless style. I was in for this fare anyways even it would have been bad, but I was pleasantly surprised by the narrative, its more of a celebration of bollywood for me, bollywood of the seventies-the numerous references to the cinema of the yore celebrated in a universal way, which is so pleasing to the eyes the heart and the mind. A protagonist with multi-layered character, an able-skilled assistant, a merciless love interest and a lovable villain makes up this joyride-roller-coaster of a bolly-revelation-magic.

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